Issue Magazine: So tell us what was your thinking with this ongoing drawing series? Dave Girard: When Trump was elected, I knew that things ... More

Fed After Midnight

My experience at the hotel began with a cocktail right at the front desk, which doubles as a bar. Moxy’s Bar Manager, ... More


Travel Diary by Teal Thomsen

Bike Brands

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Miami Heels

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Rain Boots

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Hi-Fashion Headphones

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Jenny Lewis

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These dual-purpose utility pieces should get you through Armageddon or just a conscientious road trip.

Apocalypse Cowboy

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The pussy bow made its first appearance in the 1940s via Coco at the helm of Chanel, and pervaded the American woman’s ... More

Patterned Pussy Bows

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Inspired by Barrie Sweaters

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Need a friend? Fill your closet with people! Whether it’s famous faces, cool collages or pixel persons, people never go out of ... More

People Prints

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Pee-Wee Platforms

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Unleash the potential of polos. Whether you haven’t worn one in years or own a designer collection, it’s time to go next-level ... More

Unexpected Polos

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This month Christian Scott unleashed his latest project, a staggering album and accompanying app—aptly titled Stretch Music—that deftly and defiantly expands the ... More

Christian Scott

By Sophie Caby & Jose Diaz

Underpants Made in the USA for men, women and kids. Wholesome, nostalgic and always relevant — cotton underwear. As fun and lovable ... More

American Skivvies

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Veronica Gebremariam

Go-See & Interview

In a world oversaturated with fast fashion and all things disposable, people naturally turn back to items with more personal value, the ... More

Japanese Boro

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Ida Lupino (1918 –1995) was an English-American film actress turned director, and a pioneer among women filmmakers. She became the first actress ... More

Ida Lupino

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Nigh Nighs

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Leila Goldkuhl

Go-See & Interview

Delaney Sproles

Go-See & Interview

On her website, Kate Conklin lists actors, singers, chefs, athletes and tech startups as a few of the professions that would benefit ... More

Kate Conklin

Sound Affect Conversation Series

How did you start with music? Franc Tetaz: I’ve never done anything else. It’s always been the thing that I’ve been attracted ... More

Franc Tetaz

Sound Affect Conversation Series

Camilla Jackson

Go-See & Interview

Joe Hatton and Greg Katz met on Twitter. As the bassist for LA buzz band, LA Font and the A&R Director at ... More

Greg Katz and Joe Hatton

Sound Affect Conversation Series

How long have you had your shop? Reuben Cox: Four and a half years. It’s five years on April Fools’ Day. It ... More

Reuben Cox

Sound Affect Conversation Series

Diary in order of gallery images: While I’ve been to New York Fashion Week quite a few times, this was the first ... More

Fashion Month Diary

by Marta Pozzan

Renown, American experimental filmmaker, Phil Solomon has been lauded for his work in film and video. He has received critical acclaim for ... More

Phil Solomon

An interview

Kendall Brown: Loved your album man. Mike Sempert: Good to hear it. Thanks. KB: When I was listening to it, it seemed ... More

Mid Dream

An Interview

Jourdan Miller

Go-See & Interview

While the summer winds down pick out your favorite teddy inspired pieces for fall. Determined not to let summer have all the ... More


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Perhaps the most terrifying sight to any artist is that of a blank canvas. The writer stares at an empty page. The ... More

The Artisan Soul

Book review

Bones Beneath The Knees


I See Itasca

By Monet Belle Makohoniuk

On the evening of Sunday, August 10th, LA’s newest pop-up shop opened its doors. Sorelli Presents BJ Panda Bear’s Liquid Euphoria features ... More

Liquid Euphoria

A pop-up

Here we present our third round of features from a selection of the current resident editors: Sarah Oestreich (Living), Kendall Brown (Music), ... More

Issue Residency Update

August 19th, 2014

With the critical acclaim of Deafheaven’s latest LP – Sunbather – the subgenre of music known as “Blackgaze” has been brought to ... More



Think staying up to gaze at the supermoon was beautiful but lacked a little… excitement? Then you may want to stop by ... More

dublab's Tonalism


Karina Fontes

Go-See & Interview

Kelly Capuano

Go-See & Interview

Lyric Burns

Go-See & Interview

Lillya Reid

Go-See & Interview

Madison Marlow

Go-See & Interview

Emilie Martin

Go-See & Interview

Carson Bruner

Go-See & Interview

Bella Solomon

Go-See & Interview

While some spend the summer trolling the beach for the perfect wave, others search for the perfect song. After all, what’s summer ... More

A Summer's Journey

Album review