What’s your story of getting started as a musician?

I played in other people’s bands, and felt like I could write better songs by myself. I had a lot of fun performing and writing and got addicted to the lifestyle. Not sure what else I would do without this outlet—probably be so bored.

How does it feel to have finished your album?

Feels great. It came together so naturally and wonderfully. I love it.

What was the process like?

I had the most intelligent people in a room with me for the span of a summer, with the fanciest gear, best beer and the love and support of the best people and pets ever outside of the studio. I cannot say enough about these people and how much they elevated my work: Shane Butler, Jon Nellen, Al Carlson. Straight-up geniuses with the best taste. A totally surreal time.

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

With Hua Dong in re-TROS, a seminal krautrock band from Beijing that kills. I’m into China right now—I’m actually doing this interview from a dark bathroom in Beijing as we speak. Also you, Brian, and this other wonderful human Amber Carew—people who understand me or make a real effort to.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on being a good person to those around me, supporting other people’s art and visions. Trying not to only focus on myself—it’s one of life’s great challenges, but makes me feel the best. I’m facing some demons this year, making things right. I want people to come to my funeral and miss me when I’m gone. Ya know?

“I’m facing some demons this year,
making things right.”
— Cotillon

What’s your favorite book, film, and music right now?

I’m into these swanky plays by Richard Greenberg that an incredibly tasteful human turned me onto recently. They remind me of my fancy Orange County childhood in a good way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the film Days of Being Wild by Wong Kar-Wai. I feel like I can relate to York’s character lately.

I’m mostly listening to Chinese bands right now: re-TROS, New Pants, Queen Sea Big Shark. But also love these people in Seattle that make the best music: Chastity Belt, So Pitted, Dude York, Eleanor Petry. We all just had the best time playing in Seattle on Saturday night and drinking tequila and eating tortas.

What are your interests and passions outside of music?

Pickling vegetables, making curries, Chinese food, growing cilantro, minimalism, hanging out at your house with Damiana and mezcal guy, eating tacos with mint in them, making new friends, being out there.

What’s next for you?

I’m living in like three different places and am single and feel like ten years have passed since the start of the year. I’ve been around the world twice; got lost on an island in Vietnam; fought a snake; barbequed a crocodile; got robbed and kidnapped by a taxi driver; jumped off a moped. I’m touring behind a new record right now in China. I’ll make a new record this summer and keep this thing rolling.