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Issue Magazine's editorial residency program, ‘i’ is a magazine

i is a magazine
Issue Magazine introduces a unique editorial residency program, ‘i’ is a magazine, a forum dedicated to the dynamic makers of Los Angeles, their creative thoughts and pursuits. During a three month period our Editorial Residents will have the opportunity to helm one of five divisions – Visual Arts, Music, Film, Culture, or Living – and generate their own original features within the same structure as Issue Magazine. Like Issue, ‘i’ is a magazine encourages collaboration between genres, celebration of creative expression, and a special focus on what is happening right now in our city, Los Angeles.

Here we present our third round of features from a selection of the current resident editors: Sarah Oestreich (Living), Kendall Brown (Music), Rachael Drummond (Film), Ariel Beesley (Fashion), Cameron McCool (Fashion), and John Erickson (Music).

This week, Issue Magazine’s featured content from ‘i’ is a magazine includes:


››Blackgaze and the Deconstruction of Metal Elitism

“If it wasn’t for the mainstream listening to Black Sabbath would metal even exist in the first place?”


››A Summer’s Journey

“Drawn by nakedly honest vocals and simple yet heart wrenching instrumentation, I knew I had found my summer treasure.”


››Let Me Introduce Myself

“I’ve come to realise there is a particular fashion ‘code’ correlating with individual areas of LA.”


››Hashtag, Austin Basis

“As an actor, I always try to choose the most interesting & unexpected choice.”


››Dry Town, Palm Desert

Photos by Cameron McCool.


››dublab’s Tonalism

Event preview.

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