Creative Direction by Jan-Willem Dikkers

Designer Rachel Olsen & James Brundage

Illustrations by Johan Olander

Client: Organic Gemini

Focus and Finish. 

Conceived as a high-end and health conscious alternative to energy drinks, Organic Gemini hired Issue to put together a brand that would communicate both “energy” and “healthy” at a glance to the customer. It was an interesting project to come up with a concept that at once aligned the product in these categories and also distinguished it as something unique. Issue worked directly with the company founders to create a brand that would have crossover appeal between the healthy Whole Foods consumer to the fan of drinks such as Red Bull and Monster Energy. We also had another chance to collaborate with Johan Olander (a long time collaborator with Issue who work with us on projects including Lydia Lunch’s Need To Feed book) who created original illustrations for the project.

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