The Collaboration, Collaboration

Penned by Ashley Weiler and Elih Layne Caponi (Editor)


The collaboration between 2 unique artists and 1 LA Arts District favorite.

If you haven’t been inside Poketo, GO.

This store/gallery located in the Arts District of Los Angeles, has it all.

From exclusive products, to art shows, workshops, and unique public events, this is a store that’s stands by the idea of connecting art and everyday life. Their innovation within art and design has captured the eyes of many. With the belief of “Art For Your Everyday,” Poketo is the essence of all things inspiring.

While walking into Poketo I stumbled upon Alley-Oop II. On March 19, 2014 Poketo presented its second collaborative exhibition of furniture-based and art-based objects by artists Will Bryant and Eric Trine. After the success of Alley-Oop last year, the artists decided to pull together for another round. While Will worked in Porland, Oregon, Eric set up shop in Long Beach, California. Being in two different places while working on the same project gave them the opportunity for independent growth. However, once they came together in LA, they were able to produce a masterpiece of ongoing experiments with textiles, furniture design, sculpture, and installation. Alley Oop II is the explanation behind the collaboration. Moving, responding, passing, and assisting: generating results on their own, but also as team players.

The artistic alliance between Will Bryant and Eric Trine, combined with the partnership of Poketo formed the ultimate collaboration. Thus, The Collaboration, Collaboration.

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