MD: I wanted to ask you about the keebs, or keyboards. Your album’s full of keebs. What’s tickling you right now?

CB: I just cleaned up my studio. Right now, I have out a basic setup: a polyphonic analog, a monophonic analog and then a DX7. I feel like that’s all you need. Everything else can be filled in with soft synths.

MD: I’ve never really messed with soft synths, but I just downloaded the M1 [software synthesizer] so I’m like, “It’s time to make elevator music.”

CB: It doesn’t have to be a crazy setup.

MD: I know. The problem with me is I need to touch things, I need to twist things. And then I fetishize old crap. Half of the stuff in my studio doesn’t work—maybe I’ll use it on one track.

“Music is pretty personal, pretty emotional.
It’s a hyper-accentuated meditation
a lot of the time … if you can get it going,
then hell yeah.”
— Mac DeMarco

CB: LA is the place for weird repairs, though. I usually have to take my stuff to LA to get repaired.

MD: If you ever have any synth stuff, I got the guy: Bruce Forat. He used to be Roger Linn’s apprentice. Prince used to fly him out to Minneapolis to fix his LinnDrums. He taught all the Jacksons, except for Michael, how to use drum machines in the 80s. He’s got this Audi that he parks in the back of his shop, and after we chill for a couple hours, he’ll sit in it and play this insane music that he makes. He’s a drum machine freak and used to service MPCs for all the big rappers in the 90s. Bruce Forat in Studio City. God bless his soul.

CB: I have some drum machines as well. I have the TR9. It sounds like the 909. Like the house drum machine. It’s the new one. You know how everyone’s doing like miniature instruments now? Like smaller keyboard, smaller drum machines. It’s one of those things…Hello?

MD: Hello?

CB: Hello. Hi. How can I help you?

MD: Hi. I was doing a conference call with my friend Chaz? I think maybe I’m on the wrong call.

CB: Yes, this Coca-Cola’s call. Are you part of Coca-Cola?

MD: No, I’m not. I think maybe I entered the wrong number.

CB: If you don’t want Coca-Cola—

MD: Ohhhh you motherfucker. I was like, man, this is crazy. That was pretty good.

CB: You know what? I moved to T-Mobile after you told me about T-Mobile when I saw you on that balcony. It’s a good deal!

MD: It’s a sick deal! And it’s worldwide. I was talking to my landlord from the Dead Sea. It was when I lived in New York. He was like, “Hey Mac, I was checking out your mailbox…” I was like, “Wayne, I’m at the Dead Sea.” He was like, “Man, that’s beautiful!” I was like, “Fuck yeah, Wayne. You’re nuts.”

CB: Have you been prank calling anybody lately?

MD: I’m not good at it. My number’s on the internet so I get prank calls. I’ve been getting better at it because kids try me, but I’m the king. I get calls like everyday, and sometimes they just want to chat and say what’s up, which is great, but sometimes they want to punk me. But I’m unpunkable. Not on my phone, not on my phone number.

CB: I just punked you, dude. I just got you good.

MD: You got me good. That was really good.

[Boo Boo] could definitely be a nickname
that you call your significant other, a pet name.
But it’s also what your parents say when
you get hurt, when you first hear about what
pain is.”  
— Chaz Bear

CB: There’s a camera over there, and there’s a camera over there… What do you eat these days? Do you find yourself eating out a bunch? Do you guys cook a lot or do DoorDash?

MD: I’m a pig. Especially in Los Angeles, there’s burritos down the street. I like the spicy cuisines even though my stomach can’t deal with it. I think that LA might have a better spread than New York because I had my spots in New York, but you can’t get a decent bowl of pho. What do you eat up there? Do you know Murder Burger?

CB: No.

MD: It’s a walk-up burger stand in Oakland. I don’t think it’s called Murder Burger, but the first time we played there in 2008 someone was like, “Yeah, this is called Murder Burger because people get shot outside.”

CB: I don’t know it. But dude, the whole West Coast has pretty much the best Asian food in the States. Vietnamese is really big here, and Filipino, and then of course there’s good sushi and Chinese. But in California, you’ve got the burrito. You can’t go wrong.

MD: You seem chill, so here’s my leading question for the record. It’s jokey, and then we can keep going. So you changed your last name, correct?

CB: Correct.

MD: To “Bear,” correct?

CB: Yes.

MD: And then the record is called Boo Boo, right?

CB: Mmhmm, yes. You’re getting there.

MD: It’s a Yogi Bear reference.

CB: Ooooo, you got it. It’s not really a Yogi Bear reference though…Changing my name was one of those things that’s a small detail but actually changes a lot of things.

MD: Why not? My name changed too, when I was a kid.

CB: DeMarco, though, that’s a great name.

MD: I thought it sounded like an Italian host DJ or something.

CB: If you became a DJ and only spun yacht rock, you might be onto something.