MD: I always do the title track trick with my records. I always pull something out for the title. So explain to me about Boo Boo.

CB: Boo Boo was more about the many meanings. It could definitely be a nickname that you call your significant other, a pet name. But it’s also what your parents say when you get hurt, when you first hear about what pain is.

MD: Maybe a meet in the middle of those two.

CB: Yeah. Love is pain, and pain is love.

MD: Hey, you got to do it. Well, a lot of times I don’t think you have a choice. But hey, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger.

CB: Totally, man. It’s another game, so to speak. To live with someone, to be with someone, it takes a lot of practice and skill, really.

MD: That’s what you were essentially going through when you were doing this, yeah?

CB: Definitely. So I moved out to the Bay and did the Bon Iver thing and became a recluse in a random house. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I wasn’t going there with that intention. I was just like, “I gotta leave because this marriage is not really working.” It felt good to make a decision to do something and to come back with something creative.

MD: Like you said, doing the album for you was pretty cathartic. Often music is pretty personal, pretty emotional. It’s a hyper-accentuated meditation a lot of the time. When it doesn’t work out that way, it can be extremely frustrating, but if you can get it going, then hell yeah.

CB: Making art sustainable takes a lot of restraint. I had to get the balls to say “no” to a lot of things for this record, and it was hard, but I feel like it’s going to make me stronger so I’m stoked.

MD: Did you do a release or anything like that?

CB: No, not a single show yet. It’s funny because now I have more time to go see house shows, venue shows and stadium shows, and I’m like, “Fuck, I want to get back out there.” So it’s getting me juiced to get back to it, but I want to hold off to focus on my other things.

MD: Is it a personal connection to the songs? Or you don’t feel like getting them out there night after night?

“I moved out to the Bay and did the Bon Iver thing
and became a recluse in a random house …
It felt good to make a decision to do something
and to come back with something creative.”
— Chaz Bear

CB: It’s a mix of both. These are songs that I don’t necessarily feel are festival bangers or anything. If I do play a show, I want to make it pretty curated experience. I’m so inspired by what Solange is doing these days. She’s really stepping it up, and same with Kanye. Taking stadium shows to embrace the industrial side of it and make it even more technology-based is kind of cool.

MD: Frank Ocean’s show is similar to that too. I saw it at FYF.

CB: Yeah, his Tom Sachs art installation is so smart. To have a MoMA-sized artist do something for your stage is genius. I want to take a step back so I can get time to do those kinds of moves. Are there any major projects you’re inspired by?

MD: I don’t know. You see something like Solange, and I don’t know if I could pull off any of that. It’s super interesting to me though, especially in the setting of a festival where it’s supposed to be this visceral bombardment. But then something like Solange comes around, and it’s like, “No, I’m gonna make you feel like you’re in my bedroom with 80,000 people around you.” It flips the whole game on its lid which is important nowadays because it does start to become saturated. But we’re not, like, successful headliners or anything like that. We still travel with only, like, six people. So it’s kind of like, “Maybe I’ll get my sound guy to like build a whole crazy thing…” We’re still playing at five o’clock, four o’clock.

CB: Yeah, the sunset crew. As far as playing festivals go, I wish it could be a little bit more just concise as far as the look and art direction goes.

MD: I can’t imagine having to deal with all that, as well as setting up. I guess if you’re at the point of like Solange or Frank Ocean, or especially Kanye, you’re given certain allowances. I don’t know, I guess there are ways to make it work!