Originally from a small village just outside Edinburgh, Nina Nesbitt’s confessional songwriting and unique pop sound has developed quite a following. She ... More

Nina Nesbitt

Live Performance & Interview

From a small town just outside Winnipeg, 19-year-old Taylor Janzen grew up with religious family and friends who never talked about their ... More

Taylor Janzen

Live Performance & Interview

Actress and singer-songwriter Lola Kirke began her musical journey in 2016 when she released her self-titled EP. The collection of four songs ... More

Lola Kirke

Live Performance & Interview

Buzzy Lee, better known as Sasha Spielberg, began writing songs when she was eight. While a student at Brown University, Spielberg formed ... More

Buzzy Lee

Live Performance & Interview

Ryan Jamaal Swain graduated from college and moved to New York only a year and a half ago, booking the role of ... More

Ryan Jamaal Swain

Go-See & Interview

Berlin-based artist Alice Phoebe Lou cares deeply about how her music connects with others. Beginning as a fire-dancer turned street musician, Lou ... More

Alice Phoebe Lou

Live Performance & Interview

Esther Povitsky has come a long way since her days taking comedy classes in Chicago. She co-created and stars in Freeform’s Alone ... More

Esther Povitsky

Go-See & Interview

The band Loma was born from a tour friendship between bands Cross Records (the project of Emily Cross and Cross’s former husband ... More


Live Performance & Interview

Lucy Rose has just wrapped what seems to be the final installment of her Something’s Changing project, which now includes this summer’s ... More

Lucy Rose

Live Performance & Interview

Canadian actress Nikohl Boosheri has made a name for herself in politically engaged film and tv roles. She received multiple Best Performance ... More

Nikohl Boosheri

Go-See & Interview

At 17 years old, New Zealander Thomasin McKenzie has been acting since before she can remember. Raised in a family of actors ... More

Thomasin McKenzie

Go-See & Interview

Australian singer-songwriter Stella Donnelly made quite an impact when she broke onto the indie scene last year, with her infectious and biting ... More

Stella Donnelly

Live Performance & Interview

Actor, writer and musician Madelyn Deutch grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Acting is in her blood, as she puts it, ... More

Madelyn Deutch

Go-See & Interview

New York City band Sons of an Illustrious Father made a splash earlier this year with their tantalizing music video for “Extraordinary ... More

Sons Of An Illustrious Father

Live Performance & Interview

French actor, screenwriter, and director Lola Bessis puts her own spin on what it means to work in film. That is, she ... More

Lola Bessis

Go-See & Interview

Uncle Meg is all about getting his music out there. The Brooklyn-based rapper just released his second full-length album, Can’t Stay the ... More

Uncle Meg

Live Performance & Interview

McCaul Lombardi made his first big splash in the film industry last year, with roles in two notable films: Andrea Arnold’s prize ... More

McCaul Lombardi

Go-See & Interview

Austin born, New York educated and recent resident of Los Angeles Jess Williamson first came to attention with her folk debut album ... More

Jess Williamson

Live Performance & Interview

Italian actor Matilda Lutz has made a name for herself in film with her appearances in last year’s horror flicks, Rings (2017), ... More

Matilda Lutz

Go-See & Interview

In early 1990s rural Mississippi, Levon Brooks was arrested for murdering a three-year-old girl and sentenced to life in prison. A few ... More

Levon and Kennedy:

Mississippi Innocence Project

Electronic-pop duo Overcoats busted out onto the music scene with last year’s debut album YOUNG, hailed by critics such as Billboard and ... More


Live Performance & Interview

At a time when filmmakers and moviegoers demand a diverse industry, Rachel Israel’s directorial debut Keep the Change offers an intimate portrait ... More

Keep the Change

Rachel Israel x Samantha & Marguerite Elisofon

Following in the footsteps of her mother and older sister, Florida born actor Bailee Madison started acting when she was five years ... More

Bailee Madison

by Jan-Willem Dikkers

Musician Matt Lowell began writing songs while still in his home state, New York. It was there he penned what would become ... More

Lo Moon

Live Performance & Interview

Genevieve Buechner is best known for her portrayal of Madison on Lifetime’s hit show UnREAL. I photographed her at an Airbnb in ... More

Genevieve Buechner

by Jan-Willem Dikkers

Since her breakout role in Canadian indie flick Saint Monica (2002) at age nine, Genevieve Buechner has appeared in nearly 50 TV ... More

Genevieve Buechner

Go-See & Interview

I went to hang and shoot with Maly in her studio at her home in Long Beach on a Saturday morning. When ... More

Maly Mann

by Caleb Thal

Award-winning New Zealand musician Marlon Williams began his music career at 17 as the frontman of The Unfaithful Ways, a band he ... More

Marlon Williams

Live Performance & Interview

Musician Jen Cloher’s self-titled fourth solo album is an overt declaration about where Cloher is coming from, literally and figuratively. Recorded in ... More

Jen Cloher

Live Performance & Interview

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, up-and-comer Tiffany Boone is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts and the lead female actor on ... More

Tiffany Boone

Go-See & Interview

A native of Seattle Washington, the multi-talented Emma Dumont began her career in ballet at age three and her acting career at ... More

Emma Dumont

Go-See & Interview

Dream Wife, the eponymous debut album by British/Icelandic punk trio Dream Wife, has long been anticipated by live audiences and critics alike. ... More

Dream Wife

Live Performance & Interview

On the heels of last year’s Teeth & Tongue album, Give Up on Your Health, Australian musician Jess Cornelius has returned with ... More

Jess Cornelius

Live Performance & Interview

Lourdes Hernández is the Madrilenian singer-songwriter behind the band Russian Red. Russian Red first came to prominence in her native Spain with ... More

Russian Red

Live Performance & Interview

What began as a fascination with remote, rural communities, necessarily evolved into a greater conversation about modernization and tradition for documentary photographer ... More

Winfried Bullinger

Interview by Lia Marie Hillers

Cut Worms is the project of Ohio-born, Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and musician Max Clarke, who recently released his debut EP, Alien Sunset. ... More

Cut Worms

Live Performance & Interview

For someone who only just released his second album, singer and songwriter Kirin J. Callinan has covered a lot of ground creatively. ... More

Kirin J. Callinan

Performance Music Film & Interview

R&B pop artist Tei Shi, the moniker of Columbian-Canadian and New York-based musician Valerie Teicher, recently released her much anticipated debut, Crawl ... More

Tei Shi

Live Performance & Interview

Give a musician a camera, and you will end up with the visual expression of their aural landscape. Watching the music video ... More

Alan Palomo

Interview by Jesy Odio

Best known for his role as “Ivar the Boneless” on History Channel’s historical drama series Vikings (2013-), Alex Høgh Andersen began acting ... More

Alex Høgh Andersen

Go-See & Interview

Established musician Mackenzie Scott, known by her stage name TORRES, and Grammy nominated folk musician Brandi Carlile first became acquainted when Scott ... More


Interview by Brandi Carlile

Noël Wells is a comedian, actor, writer and director from San Antonio, Texas. She is known for her roles in Master of ... More

Noël Wells


A burgeoning comedian, actor and filmmaker, Noël Wells is best recognized as a former member of Saturday Night Live’s cast and the ... More

Noël Wells


Alex Cameron’s Forced Witness responds to our increasing inability to escape the catastrophes, trends and news circulating the globe. The LP comes ... More

Alex Cameron

Questions by Jemima Kirke + Live Performance

Unlike most former Disney Channel stars, Ross Lynch has managed to reinvent his career in a single compelling film. As the star ... More

Ross Lynch

Go-See & Interview

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer made an indelible mark on the American psyche when he was tried in 1992 for manslaughter of 17 ... More

My Friend Dahmer

Ross Lynch x Derf Backderf

Actor Shanola Hampton is best known as the face of Veronica Fisher on the comedy drama series Shameless (2011-). The series, which ... More

Shanola Hampton

Go-See & Interview

Actor Ruby Modine came to wider attention with her role in Showtime’s hit series Shameless as Sierra, a waitress, single mother and ... More

Ruby Modine

Go-See & Interview