The latest and the legendary
in fashion, music, art, film, and life.


Working with an ever-growing local creative force,
ISSUE ’s mission is to:


• connect through conversations and collaborations
with up-and-coming and established artists and brands.


• Advance global recognition of Los Angeles
as the leader of this new creative era.

“ISSUE actually delivers on the promise that most hipster art and culture books can’t keep: originality.
… ISSUE has transcended the clichés of downtown style books and wonky arts publications —
the two genres it hybridizes brilliantly.” — Women’s Wear Daily


Founder & Editorial / Creative Director
Jan-Willem Dikkers

Senior Editor
Clare Shearer
Copy / Editor
Alyson Luthi Wicker
Veronica Deeds
Alex Aristei, Allison O’Daniel, Ari Gold, Ari Marcopoulos, Bob Richardson, Brian Kenny, Cameron McCool, Carlo McCormick, Christopher Wool, Colleen Green, Damien Chazelle, Danny Jauregui, Denis Piel, Emmy The Great, Fay Ray, Felix Ensslin, Isaac Sterling, Jack Pierson, Jay Ezra, Jesse Kamm, Jessica Makinson, Johan Olander, John Vertin, Jonathan Meese, Katy Goodman, Katy Grannan, Kevin Appel, Kevin Morby, Larry Clark, Lisa Williamson, Lucas Blalock, Luke Savage, Mark Gonzales, Martynka Wawrzyniak, Michael Mundy, Miles Teller, Mona Kuhn, Spandau Parks, Paul McCarthy, Paul Ruscha, Paul Sietsema, Pipilotti Rist, Raymond Pettibon, Richard Kern, Rita Ackerman, Robert Sheehan, Ryan McGinley, Sally Seltmann, Sarah Lehrer-Grawier, Simon Watson, Simone Lueck, Slava Mogutin, Sonny Ruscha, Spandau Parks, Sue de Beer, Tabitha Soren, Vanessa Beecroft, Whitney Hubbs

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