Tell me about the recording process and life at the studio?

JK: We recorded over a month at Outlier, which is a studio in upstate New York. And we did a handful of other songs in New York City at Figure 8 in Brooklyn and Lazy Lounge in Manhattan. We were very isolated. We made the bulk record in the winter and learned the songs and did the album.

AL: We put ourselves in that space with the time to do it and focus, and we just worked at it every day.

In the song “Pretty Things,” what do you mean by, “There’s a woman inside of me, there’s one inside of you too?”

AL: Speaking to the feminine energy and recognizing the feminine in all things—as well as the masculine—but this is just focusing on the voice of the mother. There’s a lot I’d like to leave unexplained, actually, because as I’m attempting to explain it I realize I could write many pages about it. But at this instant, I don’t think there’s any words I could say that wouldn’t maybe diminish what it could mean to a lot of people.

“I was obsessed with Raffi as a young boy, and from age 16 on I wanted to be a children’s musician.”
— Buck Meek

What is your writing process like? Or do you have a process?

AL: Not a formulaic process. It’s always different, but I could just say that the only thing that I know to do if I do want to write is to sort of get myself out of the way. Be silent and still and hopefully connect to myself. I feel writing is more about listening.

Where are your album art cover images from?

AL: Those are old family photos.

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?

Princess Nokia
Destiny Nicole Frasqueri, better known by her stage name Princess Nokia, is an American rapper of Afro-Puerto Rican descent, who gained online popularity through songs such as “G.O.A.T” and “Tomboy,” before releasing her mixtape 1992 Deluxe in September 2017.

MO: I’d like to collaborate with Princess Nokia. Really. We all saw the show.

AL: Joni Mitchell.

JK: Yeah, it would be fun to have Joni Mitchell produce a song or our record.

AL: Oh wow!

BM: I’d like to work with Neil Young. He’s really fearless.

MO: Twain, an artist and friend of ours.

BM: Fearless artists.

MO: Luke Temple.

What are your interests and passions outside of music?

BM: Bicycles and backpacking in the mountains. Swimming in the river.

AL: Drawing.

JK: Reading.

AL: Martial arts.

MO: Climbing trees.

“I’d like to collaborate with Princess Nokia. Really. We all saw the show.”
— Max Oleartchik

What are your favorite books, film and music right now?

BM: My favorite book is Letters To A Young Poet by Rilke, right now.

JK: Saw this movie Cameraperson a few days ago. Thought it was really special.

AL: Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Estés is what I’ve been reading. I’ve been listening to Julianna Barwick a lot.

MO: I listen to John Luther Adams a lot.

AL: I really like Terence McKenna as well, recently.

JK: I’ve been enjoying the new Twin Peaks season.

What’s next?

MO: Air-conditioning

AL: Coffee. Water.

BM: Ocean.