Hold It!

Fashion Series by Rainer Hosch

Artist Charlie White investigates American excess, identity and desire through stylized film and photography. His photographs capture the tension between perception and desire in ... More

Charlie White

Interview by Ali Subotnick

Shoot Yourself


Jennifer Howell is the founder of The Art of Elysium, an organisation which works to make art a catalyst for social change by bringing ... More

Jennifer Howell

The Art of Elysium

Living in LA LA

Fashion Shoot

Shoot Yourself


T-shirts can be all things to people, from a status symbol to a memory trigger.What do they represent to you? I think T-shirts represent ... More


by Eliza Sys

T-shirts can be all things to people, from a status symbol to a memory trigger. What do they represent to you? T-shirts to me ... More


by Eliza Sys

Allan’s a weird cat and an amazing story teller, and I’ve had the privilege of being his friend for over two decades. He always ... More

Allan MacDonell

Interview by Buzz Osborne

Not much gives form to the archetype of American glut and consumerism more than its big box stores – the Walmarts and Targets along ... More

Carson Davis Brown #_Mass

An Interview

Where are you from? The Pacific Ocean, Brentwood. Who influenced you growing up and who influences you today? Ursula, Marilyn Manson, David Lynch – ... More


Brentwood Manor

Jordan Sullivan’s exhibition of over 300 photographs and collages coincides with the publication of “An Island in the Moon,” a small edition photobook published ... More

Jordan Sullivan

Interview by Myles Haselhorst

Shoot Yourself


Los Angeles poets Mandy Kahn and Jacqueline Suskin are carving out a place for their old-world craft in the new world. Jacqueline with her ... More

Mandy Kahn &
Jacqueline Suskin

A Discussion

The experience of Jason McLean’s work is like following a train of thought back to its root. Where did it start? Where did it ... More

Jason McLean

Interview with Ryan Sluggett

Stacy Kranitz grew up in the heart of Appalachia – a largely rural swath of mountains running from New York to Alabama, and the ... More

Stacy Kranitz

An Interview

Tabitha Soren: Do you remember the first portrait you ever took, or maybe the first time you attempted to take a serious picture, an ... More

Katy Grannan

Interview by Tabitha Soren

In the spring of 2004, Gerhard Steidl, the German publisher came to LA to work with my brother Ed Ruscha on a book project ... More

Mona Kuhn

Interview by Paul Ruscha

There is a middle ground between our fantasy of fame and life as it exists, one that is strange and lonesome but full of ... More

Simone Lueck

Interview by Danny Jauregui

Paris-born photographer Sophie Caby moved to LA in 2012 without a car or a license. When she began to travel by bus in a ... More

Sophie Caby

An interview

Los Angeles photographers Lily Flores, Serge Gil and Scarlett Mann have united in a common exploration of their sprawling city and its surroundings. Their ... More

LA Odyssey
(Lily Flores, Serge Gil, Scarlet Mann)

A classic picture of Bunny Yeager, Queen of the Pinup Photographers, shows the late legend propped seductively, if a little precariously, on a bar ... More

Bettie Page
Queen of Curves

Interview by Barney McDonald

Following their coastal defection three years back, The Squad has found its voice in downtown LA. With passion for the process and an uncanny ... More

The Squad

Designer Profile & Interview

At the top of a quiet LA mountain, after the winding steep streets and amongst the urban wilderness, Jesse Kamm welcomes us into her ... More

Jesse Kamm

Designer Profile & Interview

These photographs by Whitney Hubbs for Issue Magazine came about following her solo exhibition “The Song Itself Is Already A Skip” at M+B Gallery ... More

Whitney Hubbs

Interview by Lucas Blalock

Sonny Ruscha Granade: Do you remember the moment when you officially decided to become an artist? Was there an “ah-ha” moment or did it ... More

Fay Ray

Interview by Sonny Ruscha

Hard for you!

by Cameron McCool

Some people seem to have found their vocation simply by listening to the ring of their own name—a human onomatopoeia of name and being. ... More

Wes Lang

Interview & studio visit

Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny became partners in love and art the day they met ten years ago. Together they founded SUPERM, a multimedia ... More

SUPERM: Slava Mogutin & Brian Kenny

An Interview

It is a truth universally acknowledged . . . that some of our most interesting conversations happen in the privacy of our iPhones. Gordon ... More

Gordon Holden

Texting conversation

9 months a year, I live and work as a designer, in Los Angeles. 3 months a year, I live and surf in Panama. ... More

Jesse Kamm: Panama

Travel Diary

The Work of James Georgopoulos is confronting to say the least. When I visited him in his Los Angeles studio space I was greeted ... More

James Georgopoulos

by Joe McKee

The early 20th century saw several artists reviving classical myth and history in their work—Picasso and the Minotaur, de Chirico and Ariadne, Picabia’s Transparencies ... More

Lucile Littot

Madness Grandiosa exhibit

Spandau Parks

Recurrent parallel networks

Jhian Namei

Skate fashion+film

Over the past seven or so years that she’s been ‘on the scene,’ I sometimes get the feeling that what Lisa Williamson is really ... More

Lisa Williamson

by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer

Kevin Appel: I want to start by asking you if you can name a moment or something that you saw that was pivotal in ... More

Alison O'Daniel

Interview by Kevin Appel

I first met Luckey under the space needle in Seattle, Wa. At the time he was playing bass with Devendra Banhart, one of his ... More

Luckey Remington

by Adarsha Benjamin

Former member of the legendary Bromley Contingent, photographer, Simon Barker sits down for some nostalgic talk with cult-label designer, Wynn Smith (WINK). Together they ... More

Simon Barker: Punk's Dead

Interview by Wynn Smith

Lydia Lunch, the underground and legendary musician, actress, performance artist, writer and activist presents a hedonist’s guide to witty and provocative recipes for feeding ... More


by Lydia Lunch

The work of Swiss amateur photographer, Karlheinz Weinberger is presented in Rebel Youth, a first-of-its-kind compilation of portraits of Zurich’s rebel youth of the ... More


by Karlheinz Weinberger

Paul McCarthy is really excited. We got to hang out with him for an afternoon while he was in New York putting together a ... More


by Carlo McCormick

The following conversation took place in early December 2007 in the second-floor office of Gavin Brown’s Enterprise on Greenwich Street in Lower Manhattan. Walter ... More


by Walter Robinson

RICHARD MARSHALL: Louise, I would like to discuss two separate, but related, periods of your life — your early years in New York during ... More


by Richard D. Marshall

The remarkable thing about those who are absolutely without guile is that their honesty is rarely brutal so much as it is utterly off ... More

Marilyn Minter

by Carlo McCormick

As I walk through Jeff’s workmanlike studio on 29th street I feel a rush of optimism. There in his modern-day, high-tech paint shop are ... More


by Stephanie Seymour

Gil Blank: Over the last five to ten years, the work of yours that has increasingly come to the widest attention relates most directly ... More


by Gil Blank

(originally called the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense) was a revolutionary, Black Nationalist organization in the United States founded by Huey P. Newton, Bobby ... More


by Jan-Willem Dikkers