Phoebe Gloeckner’s 2002 graphic novel, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, began in her own confused adolescence. As a fifteen-year-old who hated school, loved ... More

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Three Generations of Minnie

Emma Dumont is an actress, model and dancer. She was first cast in the feature True Adolescents alongside Mark Duplass and Melissa Leo at ... More

Emma Dumont

Fashion Shoot & Interview

The Atlanta-born Shameik Moore landed his first lead role in the Sundance hit Dope. Set in Inglewood, California and executive produced by Puff Daddy ... More

Shameik Moore

Go-See & Interview

For an actor who’s not yet hit 20, Kodi Smit McPhee has an impressive resume. He’s already had starring roles in The Road, Let ... More

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Fashion Shoot & Interview

The Los Angeles born and bred Tessa Thompson just landed a major role in writer-director Ryan Coogler’s addition to the Rocky franchise, Creed. This ... More

Tessa Thompson

Fashion Shoot & Interview

Writer, actor, and director Alex Ross Perry got his start in New York’s legendary video store, Kim’s Video, when he was a student at ... More

Alex Ross Perry

An Interview

Filmed in 19 days in Los Angeles and New York, “Whiplash” worked the cast and crew ragged as they rushed to wrap up in ... More

Damien Chazelle

Conversation with Miles Teller

The new Nick Cave documentary “20,000 Days On Earth” is less about the man, more about the creative process of an artist. And in ... More

20,000 Days on Earth

A Film About Nick Cave

“Tracks” tells the incredible story of Robyn Davidson, a 27 year-old writer who, in 1977, crossed the Australian outback alone save the company of ... More

Tracks: John Curran

An interview with the director

“Tracks” tells the incredible story of Robyn Davidson, a 27 year-old writer who, in 1977, crossed the Australian outback alone save the company of ... More

Tracks: Rick Smolan

An interview with the photographer

Writer-director Ned Benson didn’t play it safe for his feature debut. Released in three parts, his trilogy of films (“The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” ... More

Ned Benson

An interview

Hardcase New Zealand director Florian Habicht leaves his trademark lo-fi approach to filmmaking in the dust with his polished and undeniably poignant portrait of ... More

Pulp: A Film ...

Interview with Florian Habicht

The name Scoot McNairy may not ring any bells, despite the fact that the Texan actor has starred in two Oscar-winning movies of recent ... More

Scoot McNairy

An interview

With a thirst for live performance and philanthropy surrounding the world water crisis, the multi-talented Allie Gonino takes a page from Jack Kerouac and ... More

Allie Gonino & The Thirst Project

A Charity Highlight

Gaspard Noé: You have been to Africa severals times? Even before going there to film, right? Hubert Sauper: Yes, Kisangany Diary was made at ... More


Television will be revolutionized, folks, not the other way around as John Lennon had once prophesized. Trust me. Trust deadpan kisses and cocaine sunglasses. ... More


by Jordan Hruska

Last fall I took a walk by the New York harbor with the brilliant underground film artist Ken Jacobs, not far from the loft ... More

Ken Jacobs

by Kristin M. Jones

The characters are young, white, and privileged but seething with self-righteous anger. Icily pure, their vision of an impossible utopia seems to permeate their ... More


by Kristin M. Jones


by Nan Goldin