Where does the name Gordi come from?
Gordi is a name my brother came up with when we were little. He called me Gordon. We don’t know why. He called me a lot of things, and that was a name that stuck. My sister shortened it to Gordi, and my family would always call me that. They never call me Sophie, which is my real name. Then I guess five years ago now we thought it was kind of a good idea to go under a different band name to keep some sort of anonymity or separate them for my own sake. I stuck with it, although when we first started doing it I was so uncomfortable that I wouldn’t introduce myself at shows. I’d play a whole show and get off the stage. People would be like, “We have no idea who you are because you didn’t say your name.” I’ve come to terms with it.

What was the inspiration for the name Reservoir?
Reservoir is my debut album which comes out in August. “Reservoir” has always been a term that I referred to as this space everyone has inside them where you keep things. You keep memories and feelings that you don’t want to think about every day. It’s like a little vault. I have always gone to that place to write, and I’ve explored it more as its own space—the sort of things I keep there and the sorts of things I think about when I’m sitting in that space. I thought for a long time about what to call the album, and then suddenly it was “reservoir,” which is what I’d always called that place. I was like, “Of course, that’s what it’s going to be called.”

“I was so uncomfortable that I wouldn’t
introduce myself at shows…
People would be like, ‘We have no idea
who you are because you didn’t
say your name.’”
— Gordi

What life event has impacted you most and what role has that played in your music?
A pretty major event for me was going to boarding school. I went away to school when I was 12 to Sydney, so I left my parents in Canowindra. It was for better opportunities. They were more readily available to me in Sydney, but I guess that has probably impacted me the most because that’s when I started writing. As an adolescent, you have a lot going on emotions-wise, but it’s really magnified when you’re forcing yourself to become so independent because you’re living away from your parents, surrounded by 200 other kids your age. That was a really formative experience for me and really put me in touch with my own emotions. I was forced to funnel that through some channel, and that ended up being a creative channel by writing songs.

Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?
Carole King and James Taylor, but especially Carole King. She wrote every good song for the last 30 years. I think she’d be my number one.

What are your interests and passions outside of music?
I’m a big sports fanatic. I’ll watch pretty much any sport but car racing on TV. I love to cook, I love to go out. I’m also studying a medical degree outside of some music so I wouldn’t say that is a hobby or necessarily a passion, but it’s something that I do. I live in an area of Sydney where we have a really lovely kind of park near it, so getting outdoors and going for walks, going to the beach, that sort of stuff.

What are your plans for your medicine studies?
I’m in my sixth and final year of medicine now. I have my final exams in September, which now I’ve broadcast so everyone will know if I pass or fail. I want to finish my degree, and maybe there will be a time in between albums to do some time in the hospital. For now this music is the priority.

What are your favorite book, film and music right now?
I’m reading a book by Australian author Hannah Kent, who is really beautiful writer. One of my favorite films I’ve seen lately is Arrival with Amy Adams. I’m not usually a big sci-fi person, but that’s one of my favorites. I’m listening to another Australian artist, Julia Jacklin, a lot. Also a New Zealand female artist, Aldous Harding, and the new record called Afterglow that just was released by Ásgeir, the Icelandic artist.

What is next?
Going home. I’ve been away almost six weeks. I go home in a few days which I’m excited about, then I’ve got a round of shows in Australia supporting Ásgeir and also my own shows. Then I’m coming back to the States in August for a headline tour. Then the album comes out end of August. Following that, we’ll see. Got to get the album released.