Creative Direction by Jan-Willem Dikkers

Images by Jan-Willem Dikkers in collaboration with Magdalena Meissner

Styling  by John Vertin

Client: Halston

Reviving the iconic brand.

Founded in the 1960s, the HALSTON label took the fashion industry by storm. Once dubbed “the premier fashion designer in America” by Newsweek, Halston was synonymous with the 1970s and the era of Studio 54. His strong connection to pop culture was evident by his friends and clients, which included Andy Warhol, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy and Anjelica Huston.

We are proud to have provided creative direction to Halston as the iconic design label was reworked into a current, viable brand. To re-establish Halston as the true creator of American luxury, we created a full brand identity that was updated for today’s market while still paying homage to the golden era of Studio 54 and Halstonettes. Issue worked directly with CEO Ben Malka to sift through the brand’s heritage, bringing the best into the 21st century. From creating the new logos for both Halston and Halston Heritage to establishing guidelines for text, graphics and colors, we enjoyed partnering for successful launches of everything from their website to their first stores at Madison Avenue, the Beverly Center, Soho and beyond. We also had a lot of fun recapturing the glamour of Halston in photo shoots for their first campaigns and look books. Enjoy some of our favorites here.

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