Ofelia K in her Topanga Canyon home

Exclusive live performance of “Another World”

Ofelia K

Images by Abby Wright

“I get to follow my whims and see where they take me.”

Ofelia K

Ofelia K is a Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter, and musician. Her music has been described as eclectic indie pop and compared to artists like Feist, Sia, Lykke Li, and Lana Del Rey. Her two EPs, Plastic Flower (2015) and Chaos Cave (2016), as well as collaborations with two of EDM’s top producers, Kaskade and Felix Cartal, have garnered her multiple #1’s on Hype Machine’s Popular Chart, millions of Spotify streams, and song placements featured across prime-time television. See her music and lyrics here.

Abby Wright is a photographer in Los Angeles, CA. She first became interested in the history of portraiture back in middle school when she would wander to the Ringling Museum of Art, where she admired the paintings of John Singer Sargent and Albrecht Dürer, and discovered the small photographs of André Adolphe Eugène Disdéri’s carte de visite. She likens the process of taking a photograph to the feeling of being lost in time, like the transcendence of a dream. Peep her portfolio of work here.

It was around the holidays and I had just moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn. I was at my friend’s house for a latke party in Topanga and saw Ofelia sitting across the table from me. I remember wanting to take her photo for one of my personal projects because she had a sensibility about her that I really admired.

T-shirts can be all things to people, from a status symbol to a memory trigger. What do they represent to you?
Versatility. They’re a chameleon, they can be made to work with so many styles.

Do you recall your first favorite T-shirt?
Yes, I still have it. One of my best friends has a big annual Labor Day Party and they’ve been making t-shirts for it every year since the 60’s. She gave me one of the shirts from 1985 and it became my favorite…it’s incredibly comfortable, although it’s falling apart now I’ve worn it so much.

How would you describe your style?
It’s a bit all over the place and really just depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing. I like shopping at thrift stores because you can find such variety of styles in one place. I love faux fur, witchy-mystical looking pieces, styles from the 70’s, high waisted pants.

What inspires you?
Taking the familiar and throwing curveballs at it.

What do you most like about your line of work?
I get to follow my whims and see where they take me. Every day is different from the next and I like the unpredictability.

What’s next for you?
Hopefully playing some shows in the next few months and just continuing to write and record new music.

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