Based in Los Angeles, the band includes members Arrow de Wilde, 17, on lead vocals, Henri Cash, 16, on guitar, Austin Smith, 21, on drums and Tim Franco, 19, on bass. Starcrawler is currently recording their first studio album, produced by Ryan Adams of Whiskeytown. Their debut single “Ants” premiered on Apple’s Beats 1 and was played on Elton John’s “Rocket Hour.”

Arrow de Wilde
Lead-singer of Starcrawler, Arrow de Wilde is the daughter of rock photographer Autumn de Wilde and Father John Misty drummer Aaron Sperske. De Wilde is in her senior year of high school and lives in Los Angeles.

“I am god. I am a dog. I am also a cult member of @thestarcrawler,” reads Arrow de Wilde’s Twitter bio. With intense dedication to style, performance and a fanciful streak of madness, this 17-year-old fronts Los Angeles-based band Starcrawler. Her red-stained mouth, wide eyes and feverish energy make for take-no-prisoners punk-rock theater. Fresh out of high school (or almost), with only a handful of performances behind them and one single, Starcrawler already commands our attention.

Jan-Willem Dikkers: Where are you guys from?

Austin Smith: We’re all LA natives.

JWD: How did you connect?

Arrow de Wilde: Austin and I knew each other through mutual friends and started jamming. One day at school, I noticed Henri walking around and thought he looked cool, so I approached him. What did I say, Henri?

Henri Cash: I was carrying a tuba case down this big staircase at school. It has no handles, so it sucks. You have to really lift it up. I was tired and put it down to rest, and Arrow comes up to me and says, “You look like you play guitar.”

ADW: I said, ‘You look cool.’

HC: ‘You look cool.’

AWD: ‘You play guitar?’

HC: So that’s how that started.

AWD: I mean, I assumed if he could play tuba, he could play guitar. And I’ve known Tim for a while.

AS: We were going through other players before we met Tim again through mutual friends. That’s how we linked up.

HC: Tim’s the man.

JWD: Do you all go to school together?

AS: Just me and Arrow.

JWD: How many years of school are left?

AWD: This is my last year. Henri is a baby.

HC: I have one more year. We’ll see. I’ll be going to school online while we go on tour next year after our album comes out.

JWD: How long have you guys been playing together?

AWD: A little over a year.

AS: It was an almost broken process getting to where we are now. I’ve been playing with Arrow maybe a year and a half, almost two years. And then we all came together as a unit about a year ago.

JWD: How long has it been since you’ve started playing gigs?

HC: Our first show was February a year ago, at a place called Damn on Sunset. Everything else was just rehearsing and practicing.

AWD: We kind of did it in reverse: We practiced for about three months writing songs, then we recorded demos with Steven McDonald, then we started playing shows.

AS: We recorded “Ants” before we even did our first show.

JWD: At the moment, “Ants” is your only official release. What should we expect in the future?

AS: We are currently working on a full-length record. We wanted to take our time to make sure it comes out right. Maybe somewhere down the line we will release another single, but for the time being we’re taking it slow.