Originally from Ventura, CA, Zelly Dugan grew up playing music at a hippy art school in Ojai and moved to LA after graduating high school to start modeling. She also has a very cute dog named Lui.

Cynda McElvana moved from Arkansas to Los Angeles for modeling 3 years ago. She has also recently began working professionally as a photographer.

I love shooting Zelly because she’s so natural and easy to work with. We drove around Silverlake looking for locations and honestly most of the time was spent driving not shooting. It doesn’t take much film to get good shots of her though!

T-shirts can be all things to people, from a status symbol to a memory trigger. What do they represent to you?
I love my mom’s vintage band tees she wore when she was my age. They bring back memories for her and now I get to make my own memories in them.

Do you recall your first favorite T-shirt?
My first favorite T-shirt was probably my Green Day shirt from my first concert when I was 8 years old.

How would you describe your style?
My style changes depending on my mood. I love leather boots and jackets and pairing them with a simple t-shirt, or if I’m feeling more girly, a cool dress.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by what I see girls wearing every day. Whether at castings or out at parties, Los Angeles definitely has its own cool style.

What do you most like about your line of work?
I love modeling because I get to travel and work with new people all the time. Getting amazing photos of myself that I’ll have forever is pretty awesome too.

What’s next?
I’m also a singer/songwriter so hopefully in the next year I’ll be putting out some music!