As the co-founder of 1970s new wave cult band Blondie, Chris Stein is most well-known for his musical prowess. It should come ... More

Chris Stein

Point of View

Very few humans are lucky enough to meet the range of interesting people who have posed naked for photographer Dave Naz. The ... More

Dave Naz

Interview by Allan MacDonell

In early 1990s rural Mississippi, Levon Brooks was arrested for murdering a three-year-old girl and sentenced to life in prison. A few ... More

Levon and Kennedy:

Mississippi Innocence Project

I went to hang and shoot with Maly in her studio at her home in Long Beach on a Saturday morning. When ... More

Maly Mann

by Caleb Thal

What began as a fascination with remote, rural communities, necessarily evolved into a greater conversation about modernization and tradition for documentary photographer ... More

Winfried Bullinger

Interview by Lia Marie Hillers

Noël Wells is a comedian, actor, writer and director from San Antonio, Texas. She is known for her roles in Master of ... More

Noël Wells


German photojournalist Corinna Kern is interested in the fringe groups of society, those outside the Westernized norm. Her subjects are often marginalized ... More

Corinna Kern

Female Maskers

When Brittney and I first started chatting about shooting together, I could tell we were going to have a good time. I ... More

Brittney Scott

by Abby Wright

I met Buckley at her studio in downtown LA. Immediately as I stepped inside you could tell it was a creative space: ... More


by Caleb Thal

LEFT TO RIGHT – Doukue Top, Zig-Zag Shorts; Knit Fashions Sweater, Levis jeans, Converse Shoes LEFT – Knit Fashions Sweater, Levis jeans, ... More

Shoot Yourself


Vivian is a Los Angeles based artist & illustrator and holds a BFA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design. When ... More

Vivian’s Girls

Illustrations by Vivian Shih

I first met KyttenJanae demoing a video game she had designed, freshly graduated from the UCLA Design Media Arts program – it ... More


by Ambar Navarro

I walked into Joanna’s apartment and set down all of my equipment. I was immediately greeted with a warm hug and smile ... More


by Abby Wright

Sarita Jaccard is a touche-a-tout woman! In another era, she would have inspired Baudelaire and posed for Klimt. A singular beauty with ... More

Sarita Jaccard

by Sophie Caby

This spring in Frankfurt, Germany, large-scale portraits of refugees drape over the faces of multi-story buildings, old and new, as part of ... More

Vitus Solashanka:
New Citizens

New Citizens

I went to shoot with Emily on a Friday morning. There is no road to her home in Silver Lake; you get ... More

Emily Labowe

by Caleb Thal

Originally from Short Hills, New Jersey, artists and twins Allie and Lexi Kaplan earned Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees from NYU before ... More

Kaplan Twins

by Jan-Willem Dikkers

With a predilection for capturing documentary moments, German filmmaker and photographer Kirstin Schmitt explores her adopted city of Havana with a camera ... More


Waiting for the Candymen


Fashion Series by Nicola Collins

Joyrich Top and Skirt Joyrich Top and Skirt A.L.C. Top and Trousers Greg Lauren Coat and Pants, American Apparel Bra Top The ... More

Shoot Yourself


Photographer Emilie Regnier spent most of her childhood in West and Central Africa, and situates her photo series Hair in her then ... More

Emilie Regnier

Issue Questionnaire

One day in 2012, I went to the beach with friends completely forgetting I had a casting for Stussy Japan. I turned ... More

Valerie Phillips

Interview by Stazia Lindes

When my grandmother turned 90 this year, our family created a tributary artwork that incorporated various symbols she uses in her body ... More

Betye Saar

Interview by Sola Agustsson

Alice Mann cites her childhood in post-apartheid South Africa as a catalyst for her photographic work, which focuses on racial stereotyping and ... More

Alice Mann

Issue Questionnaire

I first met Danny in New York City. We were acting in what was mutually our first film and were introduced on ... More

Daniel Zovatto

Interview by Sarah Sutherland

When Bob Zahn showed me his latest project, American Gothic II, a fine art photography collection of Slab City, I looked at ... More

American Gothic II

Portfolio by Bob Zahn

Shoot Yourself


Langley Fox

Fashion Series by Rainer Hosch

I met Chicago-born artist Nathaniel Mary Quinn in 2013 and have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of ... More

Nathaniel Mary Quinn

Interview by Dexter Wimberly

Jay Batlle and I have had a continuous, incessantly-focused conversation going for nearly six years now—always about art. We began as neighbors ... More

Jay Batlle

Interview by Graeme Mitchell

Shoot Yourself


In his newest series, Cathedral of the Pines, photographer Gregory Crewdson returns to his home in rural Massachusetts to stage elaborate interior ... More

Gregory Crewdson

Interview by Matthew Weiner

Joakim Eskildsen is a Danish art photographer and documentarian who, over the past two decades, has captured images that unapologetically depict modern ... More

Joakim Eskildsen

Issue Questionnaire

Los Angeles-born and raised artist Ariana Papademetropoulos paints from found, vintage images which she manipulates and renders large, ornate and vibrant. In ... More

Ariana Papademetropoulos

Interview by Ariel Pink


Fashion Series by Beau Grealy

Shoot Yourself


This series is a collaboration with LA-based artist Alexandra Grant, coinciding with the release of her photography book and exhibition, Shadows, with ... More

Making Shadows

Fashion Series by Alexandra Grant

Scot Sothern has been developing his photographic niche since the ’70s, when he began documenting fringe populations on the streets of America. ... More

Scot Sothern

Issue Questionnaire


Fashion Series by Shaughn & John

In October of 2015 I had the pleasure of boarding the Ultra Letizia cargo vessel in Hiroshima for it’s maiden voyage. Alongside ... More

Cole Sternberg

Interview by Joe McKee


by David Gomez

T-shirts can be all things to people, from a status symbol to a memory trigger. What do they represent to you? Just ... More


by Teal Thomsen

Known for his ever-evolving approach to painting, sculptural installation and photography, Bronx-born artist Kori Newkirk uninhibitedly explores cultural identity, black history and ... More

Kori Newkirk

Interview by Christine Y. Kim


Fashion Series by Rainer Hosch

Catherine Opie’s work ranges from self-portraiture to landscape photography, often investigating identity through portraits of social groups including the LGBT community, surfers ... More

Catherine Opie

The Art of Philanthropy

Shoot Yourself


Elena Stonaker is a rare bird whose works of art are stunning, inspiring and gloriously strange. The first time I saw something ... More

Elena Stonaker

Interview by Becky Stark

Her models recall the naughty creatures snapped in the studios and locations of Irving Klaw, the man who launched the fetish career ... More

Tatiana Gerusova

Interview by Barney McDonald