FILM / Conversation

Director Lukas Dhont’s debut feature film, Girl, is more than just a trans story. It’s a story of identity, growing up and ... More

Victor Polster

Interview by Lukas Dhont & Fashion Shoot

Jonah Hill’s directorial debut, Mid90s, is garnering praise from critics and the public alike for its portrayal of a group of young ... More

Sunny Suljic

Interview by Olan Prenatt & Fashion Shoot

At a time when filmmakers and moviegoers demand a diverse industry, Rachel Israel’s directorial debut Keep the Change offers an intimate portrait ... More

Keep the Change

Rachel Israel x Samantha & Marguerite Elisofon

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer made an indelible mark on the American psyche when he was tried in 1992 for manslaughter of 17 ... More

My Friend Dahmer

Ross Lynch x Derf Backderf

When Jessica M. Thompson teamed with up-and-coming actress Stephanie Beatriz for what would be the first feature length film for each of ... More

The Light of the Moon

Stephanie Beatriz x Jessica M. Thompson

In the debut film from Geremy Jasper, up-and-coming actor Danielle Macdonald stars in the titular role of Patti Cake$, a.k.a. Killa P, ... More

Danielle Macdonald

Interview by Cathy Moriarty & Fashion Shoot

It’s been a several years since actor Justin Chon first approached his friend and YouTube comedian David So about co-starring in Gook. ... More


Justin Chon x David So

With just a few small movie roles behind him, actor Ashton Sanders co-stars as Chiron in Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight as devastating portrait ... More

Ashton Sanders

Interview by Barry Jenkins & Fashion Shoot

The first time I spoke to Mackenzie Davis about starring in my film, Always Shine, I was struck by her openness, intelligence and ... More

Mackenzie Davis

Interview by Sophia Takal & Fashion Shoot

In his powerful on-screen debut, Jahking Guillory plays Brandon, a small 15-year-old who sets out through Oakland to reclaim his Air Jordans ... More

Jahking Guillory

Interview by Justing Tipping & Fashion Shoot

Actor Evan Peters has spent the last few weeks promoting the upcoming season of American Horror Story. A parade of journalists have ... More

Evan Peters

Fashion Shoot by Rainer Hosch & Interview

Writer-director Elizabeth Wood’s debut film White Girl is based in her own story of moving from Oklahoma to New York after high ... More

Morgan Saylor

Interview by Elizabeth Wood & Fashion Shoot

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, or Daniels, as they like to call themselves, have co-written and co-directed movies together since 2009. These ... More

Swiss Army Man

Daniels in conversation

In The Lobster, Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos conceives a hyper-stylized world organized around one law: everyone must have a romantic partner. Single ... More

Yorgos Lanthimos

Interview with Illustrations

Last year, I was stuck at Sundance for a week and saw about 35 films. One late night, I was in the ... More

Kiersey Clemons

Interview by James Franco & Fashion Shoot

Lesley Arfin began her career by publishing responses to her own adolescent diary entries in the Vice column “Dear Diary.” In 2007, ... More

Lesley Arfin

Interview by Harper Simon

I Am Sun Mu, a documentary directed by Adam Sjöberg and edited by Mariana Blanco, chronicles Sun Mu, a North Korean defector ... More

I Am Sun Mu

Adam Sjöberg x Mariana Blanco

When I met Lola Kirke, we were seven years old. For one year we rode the school bus together every morning from ... More

Lola Kirke

Interview & Fashion Shoot

A world observed through doorways, mirrors and car windows frosted with rain and cold, Carol is a stunning display of hushed longing, ... More

Todd Haynes

Interview by Gus Van Sant

As the title character of James White, Christopher Abbott often fills an entire frame. These lingering close-ups heighten the claustrophobia of a ... More

Christopher Abbott

Fashion Shoot & Fashion Shoot

Victoria is two hours and eighteen minutes long and filmed in a single take. More than an eccentricity or gimmick, this technical ... More

Laia Costa

Interview & Fashion Shoot

Multi-talented artists Ariana Delawari and Nicole Disson are interested in changing the landscape of storytelling, starting in Los Angeles. Delawari is a ... More

Ariana Delawari x Nicole Disson

In conversation

Given her affinity for 1970s cinema—or anything prior—British actor Imogen Poots is a natural lead for her new film She’s Funny That ... More

Imogen Poots

Interview & Fashion Shoot

Keith Stanfield and I first worked together about seven years ago when he acted in my thesis film for grad school. As ... More

Lakeith Lee Stanfield

Interview & Fashion Shoot

Phoebe Gloeckner’s 2002 graphic novel, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, began in her own confused adolescence. As a fifteen-year-old who hated ... More

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Three Generations of Minnie

Starring Judith Godrèche alongside Adam Scott, Taylor Schilling and Jason Schwartzman, The Overnight is writer-director Patrick Brice’s second feature film. Godrèche was ... More

The Overnight

Judith Godrèche & Patrick Brice

For an actor who’s not yet hit 20, Kodi Smit McPhee has an impressive resume. He’s already had starring roles in The ... More

Kodi Smit-McPhee

Interview & Fashion Shoot

The Los Angeles born and bred Tessa Thompson just landed a major role in writer-director Ryan Coogler’s addition to the Rocky franchise, ... More

Tessa Thompson

Interview & Fashion Shoot

Already an actor on the large and small screens and on stage (starring in the Off-Broadway hit, “Jacuzzi”) and a musician (vocalist ... More

Chris Lowell

An interview

Filmed in 19 days in Los Angeles and New York, “Whiplash” worked the cast and crew ragged as they rushed to wrap ... More

Damien Chazelle

Conversation with Miles Teller