Issue Magazine 01-2015
Issue Magazine’s relaunch opens with a series of ads curated by acclaimed artist Vanessa Beecroft – an ode to the impact of fashion brands on 90s indie magazines. Conversation-style interviews unfold between photographers Mona Kuhn and Paul Ruscha; “Whiplash“ director Damien Chazelle and lead actor Miles Teller; and musicians Springtime Carnivore and Katy Goodman. The boys of Foxygen have lunch at Canter’s Deli, artist Fay Ray open her studio for a visit, and actor Scoot McNairy talks about building success. Fashion highlights include a cover shoot and feature with eclectic Swedish pop star Elliphant and a pajama shopping story. Actors and models share their ambitions, turn-ons and favorite movies in the Go-See series – featuring Jake McDorman, Natalie Zea, and Jourdan Miller. ISSUE+ enhanced features include exclusive live acoustic performances by Thurz and Springtime Carnivore, and our unique go-see video interviews.

CONTRIBUTORS TEXT Clare Shearer, Paul Ruscha, Katy Goodman, Sonny Ruscha Granade, Taylor Lough, Rachel Ellison, Holly Grigg-Spall, Alyson Luthi, Danny Jauregui, Barney McDonald, Jessica Makinson; IMAGE Vanessa Beecroft, Sophie Caby, Cameron McCool, Mona Kuhn, Teal Thomsen, Michael Mundy, Jan-Willem Dikkers, Simone Lueck

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